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Head Lice Product Review – What really works

Here is what I have tried so far in the battle against nits!


How it works Pros Cons Effectiveness Cost


Nit   comb Using   lots on conditioner, sections of the hair are combed using a special fine toothed comb to physically remove head lice and their eggs. Must be repeated   every 3 -7 days Cheap If   sections are missed the head lice life cycle will continue. Hard work, kids   hate it, difficult on thick hair. Takes around 20 mins to do a proper job. The   only effective way to remove head lice eggs (nits). * **
Full   Marks A combination product with a chemical solution and nit comb. Works by dehydrating the louse. The nit comb is included to remove the eggs Kills   head lice in 10 minutes.The   oily solution makes combing through thick curly hair a breeze.Next   to no smell. Add   another 20 mins to do the nit combing. In my opinion the packaging suggests an application will kill both nits and lice – this is not actually the case without physical combing. Very   oily texture residue even after two shampoos. Do NOT use in the bath like I did opt for the washing out in the shower, otherwise an oil slick over toys and children ensures Initially   relief but I obviously wasn’t very effective with the combing as we were   re-infested after a few days. This could also be because Catherine was back   at an infested nursery. ** ***
Tea   Tree oil (Melaleuca oil) Tea   Tree oil is rich in monoterpenoids, which are insecticidal agents toxic to a louse’s nervous system, but generally safe for human use. The   only natural solution treatment and naturally pesticide free Do   a patch test first.You   will need to experiment with concentrations. Strong   yet clean smell. Expensive especially in small quantities. You   can read more in a scientific published paper hereWorks well as a spray on dry hair (using water as a carrier – shake well before use). *** ***




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