Buy an Insect House


Buy an Insect House for yourself or a loved one

to give the beneficial insects in your garden a helping hand.

Once you’ve purchased a insect house for your garden or made your own. Set your insect hotel up in a sheltered area of the garden or allotment away from the prevailing wind in a sunny to semi-shaded position that is sheltered, above 1 metre off the ground. You’ll soon be in buzzing business!

Large Mason Bee Insect House

A nice way to encourage mason bees away from brickwork.

Attractive Bee House

This is a great option if your insect house will be sited in a highly visible area.

Long Lasting Insect House

This is a well built insect house that gets some of the best customer reviews.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Insect Houses

Bee Tubing

You’ll need a lot of these! They’re available in cardboard and reed/bamboo. Personally I prefer the bamboo tubes as bamboo is sustainable and lasts longer.

Design Your Own Bee Hotel Kit

This is a great mini craft project for kids. I’d attach them together to make an ‘Apartment Block’ for nature!

Multi Habitat Insect House

An insect abode that caters for many types of insects. Plus it looks fantastic too.