Babies Books


Our 6 Favourite Bug Books For Babies

Bubs love bugs! Get them hooked while they’re still in nappies – here are our picks for the best.

1) Fuzzy Bee and Friends

Loved and chewed to death by both Henry and Catherine

2) Bright Baby Box Set

 Brightly coloured chunky board, these books can take a lot of “attention”.

3) There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

 To which Henry replied that Granny hadn’t swallowed a fly and wasn’t going to die….

4) Thats not my… books

 A very simple idea, but irresistible.  Look out for the supporting cast of snails and butterflies (oh, and a mouse)

5) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

 Very hungry.  Very classic.  Very good.

6) Gruffalo Books

Great stories and great rhymes.  The little background drawings of bugs by Axel Scheffler are priceless!  And look out for the cameo appearances by the Gruffalo in all the other books.