Henry and the minibeasts

What is a minibeast?

A minibeast, is also called an invertebrate, which is a small creature without either a backbone or an skeleton on the inside of its body.  Humans are called vertrabetes because we have a backbone and an internal skeleton.


Butterflies, moths, dragonflies, centipedes, spiders, scorpions, snails, beetles, crabs and worms are all invertebrates.


There are many different kinds of minibeasts, we have about 40,000 species in the UK, and millions across the rest of our planet Earth.


Most of the creatures on Earth are invertebrates and without them we would not be able to live.  Invertrabets pollinate flowers, recycle waste material and are the food for many other important creatures like birds and other animals.


Invertebrates have been living on earth for a very long time and much longer than before the first human appeared and have adapted to survive in different habitats, from rainforest, woodlands and desserts.


There are several different types of invertebrates, each with their own characteristics.