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Hello! Thanks for stopping by Insect House! At Insect House we know invertebrates need our help. They’re under threat from all angles – pesticides, habitat reduction, invasive and non-native species, climate change… It’s a bug’s life! But there is something you can do to help and it’s simple, quick, effective and above all fun. Chuck […]

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Pesticides: End of term report from Mother Nature

Do you have problems with insects? We regard them alternately with hatred and fear, enthralment, and disgust. We are woefully ignorant about them and most often end up killing the ones we actually really need while failing to control the bug causing us trouble. The results are in and although it’s not a complete fail […]

Insect hotel

Insect Houses

Henry and Catherine went to the Royal Berkshire Show at Newbury.  Henry found this big insect house only he said it was so big it was really an insect hotel. or an insect Buckingham Palace.  There must be room for loads of bugs and insects to live in there with lots of hidey holes and […]

Horsehair worm huntsman spider

Horsehair Worm vs Huntsman Spider

Spider’s Scary Surprise! Spiders are all very spooky and scary at Halloween, but this is just downright gruesome… You don’t see this kind of thing very often, and that’s probably a relief.  These may be the first photos of a Horsehair or Gordian worm erupting from inside a Huntsman spider. The photos were taken by […]

how to build an insect house

How To Make Insect Houses

Heres how Henry and his Dad make Insect Houses Henry’s learning journey on making homes for bugs this winter. How to make an Insect House Part 1 Design your insect house (and protect your plans from a little sister) How to make an Insect House Part 2 Sourcing all important materials How to make an […]