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Invertrebrate and Insect Facts for kids

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Here you’ll discover fun facts for kids;  and information for kids and their parents about minibeasts and insects.  We’ve listed everything you need to stimulate a curious young mind and make you, the grown-up, seem rather clever and really good fun.

Learn to love the smaller members of our planet, here are a few facts as to why bugs are great:

  • Chocolate, coffee, silk and honey – are some of the treats that we couldn’t have without bugs
  • Did you know one in three mouthfuls of our food relies on pollination by insects (pears, apples, strawberries, beans)
  • Nearly all of the wildflowers could become extinct without insects to pollinate them
  • We eat 20 million tonnes of bugs every year (like crabs, lobsters and prawns) – OK, they’re not technically “bugs”, but we call them bugs and they’re definitely invertebrates.
  • Bugs are a vital source of food for animals and birds – the countryside would be a desolate and empty place without them

Select from the list below to learn more about insects at home, fun facts about insects and different types of insect and other small creatures.

Fact Sheets For Parents and Kids:

Terrestrial   Invertebrates Freshwater   Invertebrates Marine   Invertebrates
Woodlouse, silver-fish, mayflies, dragonflies,   cockroaches, earwigs, grasshoppers, crickets, stick insects, bedbugs, Beetles,   ant-lions, lacewings, true flies, craneflies, midges, hoverflies, fleas &   lice, moths and butterflies, sawflies, parasitic wasps, bumblebees, bees,   wasps, ants, centipedes & millipedes, scorpions, spiders, ticks &   mites, aphids & cicadas, Earthworms & leeches, Snails and slugs, Round worms tadpole   shrimps, water fleas, crabs, shrimps & freshwater crayfish, polyps,   hydras & jellyfish, snails & bivalves, flatworms, flukes &   tapeworms, common sponges water fleas, barnacles, crabs, lobsters &   krill, polyps,   hydras, jellyfish, corals & anemones, feather-stars, starfish,   sea-urchins & sea-cucumbers, snails and slugs, bivalves, tusk-shells,   squids & octopuses, flatworms, flukes & tapeworms, common sponges, sea-squirts

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Insect House is an excellent resource to support the guardians of children from Key Stage 0 – 3, you’ll find informative fact sheets, inspirational projects, product reviews and activity ideas whatever the weather! Don’t forget to stop by our ugly bug photo gallery and share you pictures of your ugly bugs and minibeast adventures!