What Are the Rock Types


Main Rock Types Everyone Should Know

It may come as a surprise but rocks fascinate many kids. Kids love to collect rocks and may even ask you what kind it is. Rocks also provide homes for many insects. Here are the different types of rocks to learn more about rock identification with your children.

flint rock

A Flint Friend

Main types of rock

Igneous Rock – a rock that crystallized from magma (molten rock) being cooled and becoming solid. Examples are: granite, basalt and pumice

Sedimentary Rock – a rock that was deposited from a fluid; water, wind, or ice. These are made when igneous rocks are eroded as sediment under the sea. Sedimentary rock is formed by deposition and consolidation of mineral and organic material. Fossils are often found in these types of rock.
Examples are limestone, chalk, sandstone and flint.

Metamorphic Rock – a rock that was re-crystallised in the solid. The former rocks may be igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rocks it is the result from the alteration of rocks in reaction to changing geological conditions, including changes in temperature, pressure, and stress. Examples are: slate, marble, quartzite.