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The wonder of termites

Termite Distribution

Zootermopsis angusticollis is confined to western North states. It abounds from British Columbia south to the Mexican border. It has a wide altitudinal range, being found usually in the more humid coastal areas, but at times in the south occurring as high as 6,000 feet. Halo terries minor like the damp-wood termite is confined to […]

The Struggle of Termites

There are few animals that are so poorly equipped for life’s struggle as termites are; yet they have compensated to a marked degree for their lack of equipment. They have been able by means of instinct (or is it intelligence?) to organize a civilization which is the equal of man’s in many ways. Termites threaten […]

Termites or White Ants

Termites are an important group of insects, which includes only two other small families, the web-spinners and the booklice. TERMITES—These insects have survived from pre-historic days, and have a primitive structure. As white ants, they are known to everybody, and because they live in communities, they are confused with true ants. They are one of […]