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Even more legs!

What’s going on? OK, this is getting silly (and not a little embarrassing).  After our centipede interloper yesterday, today we found a millipede on the bathroom floor.  I’m now getting seriously concerned about the ventilation in there as both these species love moist conditions.  Not a good sign. Anyway, this time we’ve got ourselves what […]

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Cutest Thing on Six Legs  After all the excitement (or not) over flying spiders, time to revisit another “crazy insect” story from last year.  The Venezuelan Poodle Moth went viral in 2012 amid a frenzy of general OMG/LOL-ness when this photo below started doing the rounds.  The moth was first spotted in 2009 by Arthur Anker […]