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cuddly snail stocking filler

Insect House’s Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Henry and Catherine would just love to get any one of these from the jolly fellow in red. 1. Barbie Mariposa Doll “Mariposa” is, of course, Spanish for butterfly.  It’s also Portuguese for moth, which is probably less glamorous in some people’s eyes, but not ours! This incarnation (imago?) of Barbie sees her in a […]

christmas gift box

Best Buggy Christmas Gifts

10 Brilliant Gifts for Kids under £10  You’d better watch out because here is what’s in our letter for Santa! We’ve been good, really, really good! 1) Wind Up Bee Torch £2.95 Very cute and no batteries needed as the more you wind the brighted it gets and the longer it lasts! A sweet buggy treat kids […]