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roves farm at easter

Roves Farm Swindon

Roves Farm Review… and rabbits wiggling their bottoms Even though the onward eastward march of Swindon now places Roves Farm in less of a rural idyll than might once have been the case, this great venue (nestled right on Swindon’s door step) still feels rural with a capital R. It’s accessed down a suitably rustic […]

Tick life cycle prevent Lyme disease

How to expertly remove a tick and prevent Lyme disease

Lyme disease, it’s nasty. Heres how to properly extract a tick to minimise you chances of catching this horrible illness Glamping or hitting festivals this summer? Make sure your fun time dosent come with a high price. How to remove a tick If you find a tick on your skin or your child’s skin, remove […]

the discovery centre at thatcham

Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre

What To Know Before Visiting Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre Ever since Henry went to the Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre (located near Newbury, Berkshire) on a school trip he has been nagging me to take him back for a repeat visit. I would love to say it was because he wanted to see and learn more about minibeasts […]

Southampton Titanic Museum

Southampton Titanic Museum & wildlife adventure A trip to Southampton remembering the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic with a minibeast adventure. One of Henrys passions is the Titanic so to make his 6th birthday a memorable occasion we took a trip to the Southampton Titanic Museum display at SeaCity. The permanent exhibition was […]