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Easy to make ladybird cake

How to Make a Bug Cake – Awesome School Holiday Fun

Bug-tastic Bug Cake Recipe Thanks very much to our friend Danusha for this fantastic idea – so much fun and sooooo tasty! You can check out her other creations on her Etsy Store (not all edible!) Here’s how to make a great bug cake with your little bugs: For the Cake: 125g butter, softened 1/2 […]

honey ant

Make a Dot Painting

Honey Ant Dreaming   Our school holiday art project is to make our own Aboriginal dot painting just like the real ones we saw being painted at the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin. We’ve based our painting on an artwork called “Honey Ant Dreaming” which was painted in Central Australia and represents honey ants in […]

irregular mosaic tiles

Wildlife Pond Mosaic

Making a Mosaic I made a “pond wildlife” themed mosaic to cover a boring cement slab septic tank lid in Nana’s garden in Australia. She’s known locally now as ‘the lady with the posh septic’. Mosaics are very easy to make: here’s how to make your own. What you’ll need: Paper and several thick black […]

Butterfly Painting

Lets Do A Butterfly Painting Butterfly artwork to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and colour mixing Rating: Easy Time approx 30mins Materials Paper Paint & paint brushes (or use your fingers!) Scissors Pencil or marker Old newspapers & clothes Read up on butterflies from our fact sheet and be an expert in your child’s eyes. […]

The Pet Rock

The Pet Rock – Make A Memory and Learn Geology We are a nation of animal lovers high pet insurance premiums are testament to that. Here’s the pet rock project – the ultimate, no fuss, no cost, no mess children’s pet – guaranteed to make fond memories and will never need flushing down the toilet! Here’s what you’ll […]