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how to build an insect house

How To Make Insect Houses

Heres how Henry and his Dad make Insect Houses Henry’s learning journey on making homes for bugs this winter. How to make an Insect House Part 1 Design your insect house (and protect your plans from a little sister) How to make an Insect House Part 2 Sourcing all important materials How to make an […]

log pile house

Holy insecthouses!

Doing the graveyard shift We were looking around our village church this morning after the Remembrance Day parade and we saw something fantastic in the churchyard. Instead of tidying up all the autumn leaves and fallen branches, the church wardens have put aside a few piles of logs, twigs, pine cones and leaves to act as insecthouses!  It’s such a simple idea but […]

How to make an Insect House – part 1

 Lets Give A Bug A Home! I want to make some insect houses so all the ladybirds and bees and flies have somewhere to sleep this winter.  Not honey bees, though – they’ve already got hives like the ones our friends at have.  My Dad said he’d help me make some insect houses but we […]

Make a Spider

Make a Spider to learn about 8 legged beasties A really easy and quick project but enables your child to spend plenty of time doing the best part – decorating! We have 2 objectives, the first is to make a satisfying spider-like model with a body and 8 legs, the second is an excuse to chat and […]