The Pet Rock


The Pet Rock – Make A Memory and Learn Geologyget sticking eyes on the pet rock

We are a nation of animal lovers high pet insurance premiums are testament to that. Here’s the pet rock project – the ultimate, no fuss, no cost, no mess children’s pet – guaranteed to make fond memories and will never need flushing down the toilet!

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Swat up on the different types of rocks from our fact sheet

2) Go on an adventure to find a memorable rock (or a trip into the back garden may do) and check carefully that you’re not taking away someone’s home!

3) Get some child safe glueitems for craft projects

3) Stick on googly eyes (or you could use a permanent marker)

4) Some old newspapers in case of any mess

Now to make your ultimate pet rock

1)      Ideally let your child find a rock or stone which is significant to them. An ideal candidate (one which guaranteed lasting memories of adventure) is to include a rock hunt for everyone in the family as part of an outing or holiday.

Catherine found her chunk of granite on a canal side tow path after a fairly traumatic Narrowboat experience going through the Blisworth Tunnel the just north of Stoke Bruerne. Gripping her rock in one hand, and me with the other, made the return journey back through the dark wet tunnel bearable for her.

2) Be sure that the rock is of an ‘age appropriate’ size

3) Try to find out what sort of rock it is – look at the colour, texture and the surrounding landscape

4) Show how to carefully stick or draw eyes on the rock and empower your child to stick on the pet rocks eyesapply or draw their own eyes.

Once the glue has dried your ultimate low maintenance pet has multiple uses (friend, paperweight, show and tell item)

And when your pet starts to collect dust… We have a memory pile under an ancient rosemary bush for all the bits of treasure our kids have collected like pebbles and shells so when your child has outgrown their pet (sniff, sniff) then perhaps it may be ‘released’ into a similar environment.

lots of pet rocks