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Hello! Thanks for stopping by Insect House! At Insect House we know invertebrates need our help. They’re under threat from all angles – pesticides, habitat reduction, invasive and non-native species, climate change… It’s a bug’s life! But there is something you can do to help and it’s simple, quick, effective and above all fun. Chuck […]

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how to build an insect house

How To Make Insect Houses

Heres how Henry and his Dad make Insect Houses Henry’s learning journey on making homes for bugs this winter. How to make an Insect House Part 1 Design your insect house (and protect your plans from a little sister) How to make an Insect House Part 2 Sourcing all important materials How to make an […]

Insect Armageddon

Insect Armageddon

Cicadamania! Insect Armageddon 2013 may be the Year of the Snake in China, but it is going to be the Year of the Cicada in America: the 17-year Periodical Cicada Magicicada septendecim to be precise. These fascinating creatures have evolved one of the most extreme survival strategies of any insect – and one of the […]

winged spirder cartoon

Scientists discover winged spider

“Scientists discover winged spider!”  What a headline!  And what a picture! Everyone’s been talking about a discovery of a spider with wings on the internet over Christmas but, in case it’s passed you by, here’s the image in question http://redgage-photos.s3.amazonaws.com/definitely/qydfv8aube6g2xhf0qxloa2.jpg . Scary or what? Well, in case it’s not entirely apparent to you that it’s been thoroughly photoshopped, here’s the […]

eu bees pesticides ban

EU Loves Bees

EU ♥ Bees An arcane rule of EU bureaucracy may have come to the rescue of the common European honeybee apis mellifera.  The 27 member states of the European Union have been unable to agree whether neonicotinoid pesticides should be banned.  After 2 inconclusive votes, the decision now passes (under EU administrative rules) to the […]