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irregular mosaic tiles
Crafts for Kids

Wildlife Pond Mosaic

Making a Mosaic I made a “pond wildlife” themed mosaic to cover a boring cement slab septic tank lid in Nana’s garden in Australia. She’s known locally now as ‘the lady with the posh septic’. Mosaics are very easy to make: here’s how to make your own. What you’ll need: Paper and several thick black […]

Crafts for Kids

Butterfly Painting

Lets Do A Butterfly Painting Butterfly artwork to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and colour mixing Rating: Easy Time approx 30mins Materials Paper Paint & paint brushes (or use your fingers!) Scissors Pencil or marker Old newspapers & clothes Read up on butterflies from our fact sheet and be an expert in your child’s eyes. […]


Make a Spider

Make a Spider to learn about 8 legged beasties A really easy and quick project but enables your child to spend plenty of time doing the best part – decorating! We have 2 objectives, the first is to make a satisfying spider-like model with a body and 8 legs, the second is an excuse to chat and […]

Crafts for Kids

The Pet Rock

The Pet Rock – Make A Memory and Learn Geology We are a nation of animal lovers high pet insurance premiums are testament to that. Here’s the pet rock project – the ultimate, no fuss, no cost, no mess children’s pet – guaranteed to make fond memories and will never need flushing down the toilet! Here’s what you’ll […]