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How many legs?

How many legs? Not sure what it says about the state of our housekeeping, but we had a visitor in the bathroom this morning: this rather nice common brown centipede Lithobius forficatus who had got stuck and was running around in search of somewhere to hide. We picked him up on some tissue paper and […]

meloe mediterraneus oil beetle

Medi Beetle Rediscovered

  Medi Christmas, Everyone!  Fab Four Upgraded to Famous Five – “extinct” beetle rediscovered in the UK  The winter months are usually pretty quiet times for bugs, so we’re delighted to have not just some news about beetles, but some good news: the Mediterranean Oil Beetle (Meloe mediterraneus) has been found alive and well in […]

the discovery centre at thatcham

Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre

What To Know Before Visiting Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre Ever since Henry went to the Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre (located near Newbury, Berkshire) on a school trip he has been nagging me to take him back for a repeat visit. I would love to say it was because he wanted to see and learn more about minibeasts […]