Butterfly Painting


Lets Do A Butterfly PaintingMake Butterfly Artwork

Butterfly artwork to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and colour mixing

Rating: Easy

Time approx 30mins


  • Paper
  • Paint & paint brushes (or use your fingers!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or marker
  • Old newspapers & clothes

Read up on butterflies from our fact sheet and be an expert in your child’s eyes. For younger children, talk about what primary colours they would like to use. You may even want to visit a butterfly farm or look outside for inspiration on butterfly markings and colours. Older children are interested in the lifecycle of a butterfly and also in learning about colours and the mixing of colours for effect.

Let’s get to making a butterfly painting!fold butterfly painting

1) Take your paper and fold it in half

2) Sketch from the fold one half of a butterfly body and wing using a pen

3) Open up the paper and let rip with a kaleidoscope of paint and decoration down one side of the page fold. Try to encourage painting the correct parts of a butterfly such as a head, body, legs and antenna

4) Refold the paper while the paint is wet to create a mirror image on the opposite page.

If you don’t mind cleaning your scissors cut out the butterfly outline now, otherwise wait until it is dry

5) Open back up and leave out to dry

Butterfly Painting
Butterfly Painting

You now have a fabulous specimen of perfect fridge door art!