Henry says: Spiders!


Holy House Spiders!

a spider in the sink

Look out for Incy Wincy!

The leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees and it’s getting cold and wet.  It must be autumn and that’s when it’s spider season.  You’ve probably seen loads already, running around your house. You get thin ones with long legs that my Mum calls Daddy-Long-Legs but she comes from Australia and that’s what they call them there.

I think Daddy-Long-Legs is what you call a crane fly which has got 6 legs and wings so it’s an insect not a spider.  Anyway, I don’t mind those long thin spiders because you can hardly see them and they just sit on the ceiling and catch flies.  But the ones I don’t like much are House Spiders – they’re much bigger and they’re dark brown so they look scarier.  I don’t think they’re actually dangerous but they run fast and they can give you a surprise.

If you catch one in a glass, it looks like it’s trying to bite you.  Some people say they’ve been bitten by a house spider.  I suppose if it gets scared or thinks you’re trying to hurt it, it could get fierce.  There was something in the newspaper this weekend that says there are 2 kinds of spider in England that can bite you and they hurt like a wasp sting: if you see a False Widow or a Green Fanged Mediterranean Tube Web Spider, stay well clear.  But mostly house spiders are looking for somewhere warm, dry and cosy to spend the winter.  That’s why they’re all coming inside.

And if you put them out, they’ll run back inside as soon as they can. That’s why they’re called House Spiders.

house spider

Here come the house spiders