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Horsehair worm huntsman spider

Horsehair Worm vs Huntsman Spider

Spider’s Scary Surprise!   Spiders are all very spooky and scary at Halloween, but this is just downright gruesome… You don’t see this kind of thing very often, and that’s probably a relief.  These may be the first photos of a Horsehair or Gordian worm erupting from inside a Huntsman spider. The photos were taken […]

the pet rock of Charlott's dreams

Dog Poo Parasites

Boo Hoo to Poo Parasites I grew up with family pets and dogs but now I’m a grown-up I’m not a dog owner. Looking after a dog responsibly takes a ton effort I’m not ready to give. I’ve also just moved house. A nice house, with a garden where the previous owner had a dog, a […]