Nasty Nits


What To Do About Nits

Scratch, scratch, scratch. Oh dear, we have nits.  Well, head lice faeces actually, as itching is the reaction to head louse poo, spit and skin.  That’s what causes the unmistakable itchy feeling at the back of the neck. It’s an unpleasant thought but it’s probably an inevitable result of having two young children in the house.


Henry is indignant and appears free of lice. Catherine on the other hand is crawling with them. Thanks, nursery. Fortunately I have on hand a bottle of stuff to deal with the living head lice and the nit comb for the rest.


To be successful in dealing this infestation, you should first know your enemy! Know their life cycle stages and vulnerabilities.  Consider recourse to The Art of War.


Head Lice Fact Sheet – know thine enemy!

Treatment – Destroy the enemy!

Prevention – Friends Uninvited

Product Review – What really works