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Horsehair worm huntsman spider

Horsehair Worm vs Huntsman Spider

Spider’s Scary Surprise!   Spiders are all very spooky and scary at Halloween, but this is just downright gruesome… You don’t see this kind of thing very often, and that’s probably a relief.  These may be the first photos of a Horsehair or Gordian worm erupting from inside a Huntsman spider. The photos were taken […]

winged spirder cartoon

Scientists discover winged spider

“Scientists discover winged spider!”  What a headline!  And what a picture! Everyone’s been talking about a discovery of a spider with wings on the internet over Christmas but, in case it’s passed you by, here’s the image in question http://redgage-photos.s3.amazonaws.com/definitely/qydfv8aube6g2xhf0qxloa2.jpg . Scary or what? Well, in case it’s not entirely apparent to you that it’s been thoroughly photoshopped, here’s the […]


Army ants

and killer spiders! It’s Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan on Channel 5 again!  Even before he’s spotted a single army ant, he’s tackling a Brazilian Wandering Spider Phoneutria fera – the most venomous spider in the world whose deadly bite can cause fatal erections in men! Dom, we’re just in awe! Anyway, army ants… Dom’s finally […]

smiley face spider

Spooky spiders

These Spiders Are Watching You… There’s a spider in the southern United States called the Smiley-face Spider because of the funny markings on its back. Henry thinks it looks more like a spooky mask than a smiley face so we thought we’d feature it for Halloween.  It’s quite a pretty little thing and harmless enough […]

how to catch a spider

Spider Catcher

How to Catch a Spider Unless you suffer from a particular sensitivity, most native species of British spider are virtually harmless. So at this time of year, when you’re more likely than not to find them coming into your home, don’t be afraid to give them a helping hand back outside.  The kindest eviction method is a jar […]


Make a Spider

Make a Spider to learn about 8 legged beasties A really easy and quick project but enables your child to spend plenty of time doing the best part – decorating! We have 2 objectives, the first is to make a satisfying spider-like model with a body and 8 legs, the second is an excuse to chat and […]