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Henry from Insect House

Welcome to Insect House

Hello! Thanks for stopping by Insect House! At Insect House we know invertebrates need our help. They’re under threat from all angles – pesticides, habitat reduction, invasive and non-native species, climate change… It’s a bug’s life! But there is something you can do to help and it’s simple, quick, effective and above all fun. Chuck […]

how to build an insect house

How To Make Insect Houses

Heres how Henry and his Dad make Insect Houses Henry’s learning journey on making homes for bugs this winter. How to make an Insect House Part 1 Design your insect house (and protect your plans from a little sister) How to make an Insect House Part 2 Sourcing all important materials How to make an […]

Henry with Mark O'Donnell from BBC Wiltshire

BBC Wiltshire

Buzzing at the BBC Interview Transcription [Mark O’Donnell BBC] You may remember, last week, we were talking about a new shop, a new PopUp shop that’s opened up in Chippenham Emery Gate, the shopping centre there. It’s going to sell, locally sourced goods and provide employment for local young people as well. We were LIVE there, […]

Insect hotel

Nick nack paddy wack…

…give a bug a home! This year has been really bad for bugs of all sorts – the good, the bad and the (b)ugly. On the plus side you might say, there have been fewer of those aphids and blackfly and harlequin ladybirds which make gardeners and conservationists cringe. But on the other hand, there […]


How to make an Insect House – part 4

Finally our insect house was all done.  We started making another one and then did some more.  We tried to make them all different shapes and sizes.  Then we took them to the market to sell them.  We put them on our little cart and gave each one a price tag. Lots of people said […]


How to make an Insect House – part 3

we screwed and nailed the wood together to make a house.  We used some decking wood to make a roof because it looked pretty.  We had to make sure the wood did not have anything in it which might hurt bugs or insects.  Dad said the decking was treated with stuff to stop it rotting and that […]


How to make an insect house – part 2

Once we had done our drawings, my Dad said we needed to find some wood.  Luckily, we managed to get 2 bigs sacks of spare wood from a timber merchant.  it was supposed to be for putting on the fire but it looked like lots of wooden lego bricks and I thought it would be […]


How to make an Insect House – part 1

 Lets Give A Bug A Home! I want to make some insect houses so all the ladybirds and bees and flies have somewhere to sleep this winter.  Not honey bees, though – they’ve already got hives like the ones our friends at www.wiltshirebeecentre.co.uk have.  My Dad said he’d help me make some insect houses but we […]