Best Buggy Christmas Gifts


10 Brilliant Gifts for Kids under £10

 You’d better watch out because here is what’s in our letter for Santa! We’ve been good, really, really good!

1) Wind Up Bee Torch £2.95

Very cute and no batteries needed as the more you wind the brighted it gets and the longer it lasts! A sweet buggy treat kids will love! 6+

2) Pocket Microscope £7.10

Magnifies up tp 30x so get right up close and personal to those wee beasties 6+

 3) Mushroom Light £3.95

Mushrooms and toadstools are awesome creature habitates. This one has a lovely comforting LED to keep the monsters at bay on dark winter nights 3+

 4) Animal Crayons £4.98

The cutest animal wax crayons I’ve seen by far! 3+

5) Retro Family Beetle Game £2.28

Roll the dice and race to build the first beetle. Making maths fun and family laugh – perfect! 4+

6) BloPens £9.00

Have you discovered these fun air pens and stencils? This clever art set makes air brush effects with the artists breath – mix the colours for a truely awesome finish. We particulary love the butterfly stencil. 6+

7) Gem Treasure Trove £8.99

We think it’s never too early to learn rock types found in ecosystems and this treasure chest is brimming with gem stones it also comes with a useful identification chart. 5+

8) Fossils Starter Kit £9.99

Seriously cool real fossils for any budding paleontologist. Includes 9 different species spanning over 350 million years! A collection of Brachiopods, Ammonites, Gastropods and a near complete Extinct Sand Shark Teeth. 3+

9) Insects, Bugs & Creepy Crawlies Temporary Tattoos £2.95 

A pack of 24 tempory bug tatoos – a great christmas stocking filler idea. 3+

10) HEXBUG Nano £4.59

A HEXBUG Nano is a tiny, robotic creature that uses physics to propel forward and explore. Powered by a tiny motor, and 12 little legs, this ingenious critter can navigates through the most complex mazes. I’ve already bought one for Henry – don’t tell! 3+

*prices correct at time of posting