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Marine Invertebrates at The Lobster Pot

squid at the lobster pot

Lesson in squid anatomy by Michele at The Lobster Pot

Landlocked? Landlubbers?  You can still learn about marine mini-beasts at your local fishmonger!

We’ve looked a crafty cuttlefish in the eye and tickled a squid’s tentacles.  We’re into so much more than butterflies, bees and spiders here at  There are thousands of species of marine invertebrates which are every bit as cool and sometimes just as pretty!

So just how did we get up close and personal with a whelk in a landlocked county like Wiltshire? Well, a trip to our local independent fishmonger proved an unexpected delight! The lovely Michele at The Lobster Pot (located at Cobbs Farm Shop on the A4 near Hungerford, West Berks) went out of her way to explain to Henry and Catherine all about her lovely mussels, whelks and cuttlefish.  She also had a great selection of fresh fish (yes, they’re vertebrates and therefore have no place on this website, but they’re really yummy!).  We learnt that you can check how fish is fresh by how reddy-pink its gills are. We saw how her whelks would close up when poked (they’re very fresh indeed). So, if your child has never seen a razor clam in the flesh, bypass the supermarkets and support your local fishmonger.  Quiz them on what species they stock and where they come from, check their sustainability and general exploit their expertise and experience!

lobster pot mussels

yummy sustainable mussels


The Lobster Pot sells high-quality seasonal and sustainable wet fish (sourced mostly from Cornish fishermen) and is active in ensuring the fishing industry remains buoyant for future generations.   

Lucky to have a local fishmonger