Spooky spiders


These Spiders Are Watching You…

smiley face spider

A spider that can say cheese!

There’s a spider in the southern United States called the Smiley-face Spider because of the funny markings on its back.

Henry thinks it looks more like a spooky mask than a smiley face so we thought we’d feature it for Halloween.  It’s quite a pretty little thing and harmless enough unless you’re a fly!

It also crops up in other places around the Pacific in places like Hawaii and the Whitsundays in Australia. We wonder how it got there?  Maybe it hitched a lift on boats! 

There’s another spider in Hawaii called the Happy-face Spider and even Henry agrees it’s much friendlier looking. Catherine says it looks funny like it’s telling a joke.

We didn’t want you to have nightmares, so we’ll leave you with a picture of this one instead.  Happy Halloween!

happy face spider

it’s the way he tells them…