Insect House’s Top 10 Stocking Fillers


Henry and Catherine would just love to get any one of these from the jolly fellow in red.

1. Barbie Mariposa Doll

“Mariposa” is, of course, Spanish for butterfly.  It’s also Portuguese for moth, which is probably less glamorous in some people’s eyes, but not ours!

This incarnation (imago?) of Barbie sees her in a dress which transforms into huge sparkly wings at the push of a button.  There’s also a tie-in DVD for an hour or so of play-along fun…


2.       Personalised bug cutlery

We love this for the cute bee, butterfly and ladybird motifs.  Nice and chunky for little hands, perfect for small children and you can get their name engraved on it (as long as they’re not over 15 letters – bit tough on little Wulfweardsworth or Talula-Does-The-Hula-From-Hawaii but we’re sure they’ll think of an abbreviation!)


3 Insect tattoos

Maybe David Dimbleby should have gone with one of these – all guaranteed to have the correct number of legs!

For the younger ones, there are cute little bugs:

while bigger kids might prefer something more realistic:


4 Bug facts book 

A great book with lovely pictures and packed full of really interesting information


5        Butterfly farm kit



for kids 4+ to grow their own butterflies from eggs (adult supervision recommended).  Live adults can be released into the wild!  You can replenish with caterpillars foraged from the garden, or mail order more eggs.


6 Bee cake toppers

What could be sweeter than a cake made by a bee?  Well, until our Apis friends learn to cook, this is the next best thing.  Add the finishing touch to your Bake Off creations with these rice paper toppers


7 Spider bath bomb

We don’t condone putting spiders in the bath, and we always rescue them when we find them, but this bath bomb made us chuckle!


8 Creepy crawly gardening gloves

Cute gloves for helping in the garden – perhaps when you’re installing an insecthouse? One size fits 4-7 years.

9        Cuddly snails

In finger puppet size…

….or for a rather bigger “slug hug”:


 10 Metal origami woodlouse

Yup – you read that right.  A metal origami woodlouse.  Not seen one of those before, but now we reckon we’ve seen everything.  Probably not suitable for young children – lots of fiddly bits and sharp edges involved, plus a fair amount of patience required.  But we can guarantee no one else will have bought them one!