How to make an Insect House – part 4


Finally our insect house was all done.  We started making another one and then did some more.  We tried to make them all different shapes and sizes.  Then we took them to the market to sell them.  We put them on our little cart and gave each one a price tag.

henry at the market

Henry selling insect houses at the market

Lots of people said they were very nice and we sold 2!  this weekend I want to make some more and sell them too.  that way lots of insects will have somewhere nice and safe to sleep over the winter.  it’s really important that we help insects.  a man at the market was doing apple pressing. He was making apple juice out of apples with a big press.  He said this year there are less than half the apples we normally get becuase it’s been so wet and cold that the bees and insects haven’t been able to pollinate the flowers.  if we don’t have insects, we won’t get apples.

Why don’t you try to make an insect house? You might get ladybirds moving in.  Or lacewings or bees or flies.  Have a go and let us know what you get.  love Henry and Catherine