How to make an Insect House – part 3


we screwed and nailed the wood together to make a house.  We used some decking wood to make a roof because it looked pretty.  We had to make sure the wood did not have anything in it which might hurt bugs or insects.  Dad said the decking was treated with stuff to stop it rotting and that might not be so good for insects, but he said that was OK becuase it was the roof and would keep everything else dry and safe.

henry building the insecthouse

henry building the insect house

This is me building the insect house – my Dad let me use his electric screwdriver but he wouldn’t let me use any of the dangerous tools like the drill or the saw.

When we had got it all made, we filled it with bits of sticks and special bamboo canes with holes in for the insects to live in.  We also got some pine cones and some big bits of wood with holes drilled in it.  When we were putting it all together, it looked like this