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Henry says: Spiders!

Holy House Spiders! The leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees and it’s getting cold and wet.  It must be autumn and that’s when it’s spider season.  You’ve probably seen loads already, running around your house. You get thin ones with long legs that my Mum calls Daddy-Long-Legs but she comes from Australia and […]

Crafts for Kids

Butterfly Painting

Lets Do A Butterfly Painting Butterfly artwork to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and colour mixing Rating: Easy Time approx 30mins Materials Paper Paint & paint brushes (or use your fingers!) Scissors Pencil or marker Old newspapers & clothes Read up on butterflies from our fact sheet and be an expert in your child’s eyes. […]

Kids Games

Kids Games

Kids Games It’s no secret kids games are the best way for young minds to learn through fun and play. This is work in progress but our kids games encourage active learning, interaction with their environment, encourages team work, and skill enhancement. Fun bug games will keep them entertained for hours. You’ll not only enjoy […]


Make a Spider

Make a Spider to learn about 8 legged beasties A really easy and quick project but enables your child to spend plenty of time doing the best part – decorating! We have 2 objectives, the first is to make a satisfying spider-like model with a body and 8 legs, the second is an excuse to chat and […]


Southampton Titanic Museum

Southampton Titanic Museum & wildlife adventure A trip to Southampton remembering the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic with a minibeast adventure. One of Henrys passions is the Titanic so to make his 6th birthday a memorable occasion we took a trip to the Southampton Titanic Museum display at SeaCity. The permanent exhibition was […]

Crafts for Kids

The Pet Rock

The Pet Rock – Make A Memory and Learn Geology We are a nation of animal lovers high pet insurance premiums are testament to that. Here’s the pet rock project – the ultimate, no fuss, no cost, no mess children’s pet – guaranteed to make fond memories and will never need flushing down the toilet! Here’s what you’ll […]