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Henry's Pond Leech

Henry’s Pond Leech

Lovely, lovely leeches Now, there’s a phrase you don’t read every day. Henry and his Dad were cleaning out the pond pump and found a couple of freshwater leeches inside the filter.  It’s hard to know quite what they are (even leech experts have trouble telling species apart) but we’ve finally settled on Dina lineata […]

pond skaters

Lovely day for a swim water bug…

…or a skate Henry and his Dad spent the afternoon watching the frogs in their pond.  These lovely amphibians (the common frog Rana temporaria) are, of course, vertebrates and so not really relevant on this blog.  But they eat invertebrates, so they kind of count.  And we also spotted at least one kind of aquatic […]

cute bugs

Even more legs!

What’s going on? OK, this is getting silly (and not a little embarrassing).  After our centipede interloper yesterday, today we found a millipede on the bathroom floor.  I’m now getting seriously concerned about the ventilation in there as both these species love moist conditions.  Not a good sign. Anyway, this time we’ve got ourselves what […]

sugar cubes laced with poison pesticides

Cockroaches and Darwin

Cocky cockroaches In Metro today, a news snippet that US cockroaches have been observed learning to avoid poison bait and are apparently developing an averison to the taste of glucose which is added to the bait to disguise the taste and tempt them in.  The trait seems to be inheritable and so we can look forward to […]

buzzing bees

A sting in the tale

A sting in the tale – Dave Goulson (pub Jonathan Cape) Book Review Fantastic – 288 hardback pages all about bumblebees!  Dave Goulson is a life long fan of all things Bombus,being the driving force behind attempts to reintroduce the short-haired bumblebee Bombus subterraneus to Kent as well as the founder of the Bumblebee Conservation […]


How many legs?

How many legs? Not sure what it says about the state of our housekeeping, but we had a visitor in the bathroom this morning: this rather nice common brown centipede Lithobius forficatus who had got stuck and was running around in search of somewhere to hide. We picked him up on some tissue paper and […]


Spring is finally sprunging!

It’s been a harsh winter for our mini-friends – relentlessly cold, with long periods of unseasonally low temperatures and snow, ice and frost right into April.  What a relief to know that spring has finally shown up. We took full advantage of the sun and the (belated) warm weather this weekend, and gave our allotment shed a […]

roves farm at easter

Roves Farm Swindon

Roves Farm Review… and rabbits wiggling their bottoms Even though the onward eastward march of Swindon now places Roves Farm in less of a rural idyll than might once have been the case, this great venue (nestled right on Swindon’s door step) still feels rural with a capital R. It’s accessed down a suitably rustic […]

Tick life cycle prevent Lyme disease

How to expertly remove a tick and prevent Lyme disease

Lyme disease, it’s nasty. Heres how to properly extract a tick to minimise you chances of catching this horrible illness Glamping or hitting festivals this summer? Make sure your fun time dosent come with a high price. How to remove a tick If you find a tick on your skin or your child’s skin, remove […]

norovirus cells

what is the norovirus?

Oh no! It’s that vomiting virus again!  Both ends erupting mega-vomits abound it’s that time of year again When Norovirus comes to town  It’s a pretty unpleasant experience; the unmistakable symptoms of Norovirus or ‘winter vomiting bug’ include feeling tired, aching limbs, tempretature and powerful vomiting but then like a bad dream it disappears as […]